MetroPipe Privacy is your RIGHT... only if you DEFEND IT.

Access the Net
With Less
Big Brother.

Bypass Snoopers, Physical Location Tracking, Encrypted, Anonymous and Offshore.
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Secure Browsing and Internet
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A Smarter Way To Connect.

MetroPipe Privacy Services for Your Online Life.

• Engineered for Privacy
• No Spyware Logging
• Easy to Use
• Bypass Snoops
• All Open Source
• Works on Mac, PC, Linux
Located Outside: North Korea, China and USA

For a decade thousands of customers have depended on our products to help secure their Online Life. Safe, secure, and active since 2002.

About MetroPipe

We believe trying to maintain privacy on the net is too complex unless you are a geek.
By default, using the net is like using postcards instead of envelopes. Talking over a loudspeaker to a super bowl crowd instead of a dinner table.

The Police State and other criminal organizations love this. It's like the good old days of East Germany and the USSR. All calls are monitored, all mail is opened.

Instead, we try to build simple services with features geared toward assisting with your privacy online.

Who uses our products?

Our products are built for individuals and small businesses across the globe.

Some access "restricted" religious information, some pierce through fascist government monopoly Skype restrictions, a large number even bypass mass citizen surveillance of the private communications with their wife.

Our customers say no to the virtual microphones and cameras monitoring and recording their lives without probable cause.

“Thanks! You provide an important service. I never connect without you guys.”
- Anonymous 5 year customer